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Monday, May 10, 2010

Pictures of Cealy Jane Rogers Conner

My father-in-law's sister in Lenoir City called us Saturday morning and talked a long time to both me and Shubert. She called to see how things were with his siblings in Nashville since she hadn't heard from them after the flood there this past week. They are fine. She always likes to talk about the past and family. She was telling me that after her oldest sister died in 2007 she saw how much she had accumulated and how difficult it was for her nieces to go through. But she was a wealth of information about our common ancestry and, like me, hated to let go of a newspaper clipping, a photo, a graduation program, or any number of things that make up the fabric of our lives.

Anyway, Aunt Alyce said she saves everything herself and so she went home and started going through things one room at a time so her only daughter wouldn't have to deal with so much when she is gone. She said she doesn't throw things away and is very careful to save things that she feels would have some family meaning.

A cousin of hers, the daughter of George D. Conner and Nelle Scarbrough, had given her some pictures before she herself had died a few months ago. She said they were of Cealy Jane! Cealy Jane Rogers Conner was Alyce and this cousin, Eva's, grandmother. Alyce is trying to locate the pictures. She said they are in the bedroom she is cleaning out and when she runs across them, she'll send me copies. I am very excited about that. I will then place them here on Tennessee Memories for all of you to see. I will then be able to confirm whether or not the little picture beside Grandma Martha Ann Conner Shubert is indeed her mother, Cealy Jane.

When she told me this, I started talking to her about Mr. Rogers contacting me and the connection we had found between the Conners and the Rogers. Listen to this ~ she said her Granny Cealy Jane had a brother whom she loved very much. And even though he had moved to Columbus, Georgia, they had remained very close all their lives!  That was before I told her about Mr. Rogers' grandfather, George.

Alyce is the youngest of the Shubert siblings, only 10 years older than my husband, and she didn't remember seeing George and his brother, Jim, like my father-in-law had. Nor had she ever heard about their professional bent. But she did say they were a "little better off than some of us and had a little more spending money," (her) Granny said.

I don't remember whether she knew Mr. Rogers' grandfather's name was George or if I told her that, but she said she thought her Granny Cealy Jane had probably named her son, George D. Conner, after him because she missed and loved her brother so much. Her son, George D., committed suicide when he was only twenty-six. I can only imagine how devastated she must have been to lose him.

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