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Davis Dairy, Maryville, Blount County, Tennessee on Wildwood.
Taken by Judith Richards Shubert, September 28, 2005, Copyright

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shuberts in Durham Cemetery, Roane County

Born Mar 7, 1839
Died June 1, 1915
"Gone but not Forgotten"

My Wife
Wife of
Born Nov. 25, 1832
Died Nov. 3, 1878
"Gone but not Forgotten"

Notice in the first photo the last name is spelled "Shubert" and in the second it is spelled "Shubart". Mornan died first in the year 1878, so my theory is that Henry had her tombstone engraved with the correct spelling of their name; then when he died in the year 1915, his step-children or Nancy, his second wife, had it engraved incorrectly. It might have been an error by the maker of the monument or the family, but I feel that Mornan's tombstone was correct since Henry was still alive.

Here are extra pictures of the tombstones with others in the background, all taken on what appears to be a dreary, Fall day in Tennessee. Notice the stones in the following 3 pictures seem to have been cleaned with something in order to read them. Some of the detail found in the first 2 photographs seems to have been inadvertently removed.

Durham Cemetery
Roane County, Tennessee

Henry Shubert's tombstone and in the background on the far right is
grave marker of
Infant Child
J. P. (Jacob Pearson) & Dialtha Shubert

I cannot read the name on the other small marker on the left.

This seond photo of Mornan's tombstone with Jacob's and Dialta's baby infant's marker behind it marks Marnan's location as being buried beside and to the right of her husband, Henry.

This is a cropped view of Jacob's and Dialtha's infant child with tombstone of Sallie Shubert behind it. A post and better photograph of Sallie's tombstone can be found at my post "A Jovial Company." 

They say that when Sarah Jane (Sallie) got sick, her husband, John Henry Shubert, took her on a boat to a doctor.  He, however, was unable to help her.  When she became unable to even take care of herself; he took her to the Reynold's home  near Kingston where they cared for her until she died.  She is buried along side Mitch and Mornan Shubert at Durham cemetery near Midway School in Roane County. Notes from Ray Allen Shubert.

DEATH Certificates for 1908-1912 Loudon County, TN

Name: Sarah Shuberd
Date of Death: 9/26/09
Sex: Female
Color: ----
Age: 40
Married or Single: Married
Place of Death: Roane County
Cause of Death: Cancer
Place of Birth: Roane County
Occupation: Farmer's wife

Original Photos given to the author by Loma Schubert Rodgers, Fort Worth, Texas 2003.
Digital format, Judith Richards Shubert, 2010.
Conversation with Ray Allen Shubert, 1998.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shubert Births and Deaths Recorded in Bible

 Shubert Births Recorded in Bible
Copy sent to Bob Shubert by
Eddie Shubert around 2004

Shubert Deaths Recorded in Bible
Copy sent to Bob Shubert by
Eddie Shubert around 2004

Bob Shubert and Eddie Shubert are both descendants of Henry "Mitt " Shubert and Mornan Matilda Reynolds Shubert through their son, John Henry Shubert, and Sara Jane Cooley Shubert, all of Roane and Loudon Counties, Tennessee.

On the Births page the first entry is that of Henry M. and the second entry is that of his wife, Morenan. Their children are listed next. The Deaths page includes the death of his second wife, Nancy. The first death recorded is that of Morenan on November 3, 1878.

Monday, March 8, 2010

"A Jovial Company"

 Sara Jane "Sallie" Cooley Shubert
 "Gone Ye Blessed"
Wife of J. H. Shubert
June 25, 1868 - Sep. 25, 1909
"A tender mother and a faithful friend.

Buried in Durham Cemetery, Roane County, Tennessee

It's amazing! Over the last few weeks I have received emails from folks who are descendants of my husband's Shubert, Reynolds, and Cooley families. Boy, has that gotten me hopping! I must admit I haven't done any new research on these families in a few years, and I was a little rusty with my information, to say the least. But with so much paper in my files and a very large number of names in my Family Tree Maker, I was at least able to sound somewhat intelligent.

My husband and I were very excited when a Cooley descendant wrote because that is one line on which we have very little information.

My husband's line is as follows:
1. James Cooley, Sr., born about 1745, died about 1780 in Henry Co.,Virgina
+ Ann
2. James Cooley, Jr., born about 1765 in Virginia, died about 1852.
+Martha Patsey Stewart, born 1770 in Franklin Co., Virginia
3. Elijah Cooley, born 1788 in Franklin Co., Virginia, died 1868 in Roane Co., Tennessee
+Jemima Walden who died in 1832
4. Chapman Cooley, born 1824 in Roane Co., Tennessee; died 1905 in Miegs Co., Tennessee
+Ginity America Brock, born 1821; died 1897 in Meigs Co., Tennessee
5. John Thomas Cooley, born 1845, died 1918
+Nancy Jane Cofer, born 1843
6. Sara Jane Cooley, born 1868 in Meigs Co., Tennessee , died 1909 in Roane Co., Tennessee
+John Henry Shubert, born 1865 in Roane Co., Tennessee; died 1924 in Loudon Co., Tennessee
7. Henry Estel Shubert, born 1889 in Roane Co., Tennessee; died 1953 in Loudon Co., Tennessee
+Martha Ann Conner, born 1892 in Sevier Co., Tennessee; died 1964 in Loudon Co., Tennessee
8. Ray Allen Shubert, born 1917 in Loudon Co., Tennessee; died 2003 in Davidson Co., Tennessee
+Marilee Davis, born 1923 in Monroe Co., Tennessee; died 2000 in Davidson Co., Tennessee
9. Robert Allen Shubert + Judith Gail Richards

My husband's 3rd great-grandparents, Chapman Cooley and Ginity America Brock were married in Roane County in 1841. An interesting notation was written on the license.
 Notes for Chapman Cooley:
According to the Roane County, Tennessee marriage records of 1801-1855, when Chapman Cooley married Merica (America) Brock on April 16, 1841, a note was written on the license that said:
"A find(e) weding(wedding) this evening, April 16th, 1841. A joval(jovial) company and well behaved."
Family Sources
Tennessee Archives, Nashville, Tennessee
Photo in Digital Format, Judith Richards Shubert, Original held by Loma Schubert Rodgers
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