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Monday, June 8, 2009

The "Puckerbrush Award" for Tennessee Memories

Harriett from Tennessee and author of Genealogy Fun has just given my blog, Tennessee Memories the coveted "Puckerbrush Award". I appreciate it so much. I love the fact that she and I are familiar with a lot of the same countryside. I understand that Terry Thornton, author of Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi, created the award to honor fellow genealogy blogger, Janice Brown. Terry explained that "Janice told us all about the word 'puckerbrush' in an article she posted August 27, 2007, at Cow Hampshire."

Terry's challenge: "Henceforth these awards will be called the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Blog Award for Excellence. All blog authors are hereby challenged to name the ten blogs which have influenced their writing the most and list them as a tribute to Janice --- the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Blog Awards for Excellence.

You can read more about the award in my post on Genealogy Traces.

I will list ten more blogs that have influenced my writing and Tennessee Memories. There are many great blogs about genealogy and wonderful writers that give me inspiration daily.

  1. George Geder, Family Historian and Photo Restoration Artist is one of my favorite writers. He is very knowledgeable about photo restoration and his column on Shades of the Departed is well worth reading.
  2. Lidian, author of The Virtual Dime Museum , has a wealth of information and photos of "weird corners of history and retro pop culture". It's so much fun.
  3. A. Spence of Spence-Lowry Family History has so much that is familiar in her blog because of the area she writes about. Her family stories and photos are great sources of inspiration to many.
  4. Virginia Travis who writes Oh Blah Vi, Oh Blah Va, life goes on has a beautiful way with words and photos. I enjoy this beautiful blog.
  5. Robert Baca, author of The Baca / Douglas Genealogy and Family History Blog has a very informative and interesting blog. I love to read about his family ties to the west and New Mexico in particular.
  6. Julie Cahill Tarr has been an inspiration to me since I started blogging a little over a year ago. Her beautiful blog Who Will Tell Their Story? is so well done and thoughtful, you just know the rightful owner of those lonely mystery photos will stumble upon them and come forward.
  7. Colleen from Arizona writes a great blog! Her Orations of OMcHodoy has something for everyone. I love her humor and her clear instructions when explaining how she did things like recoloring a photo or cleaning up her files!
  8. I love Drusilla Pair, from her lovely name to her blog, Find Your Folks. Her obvious love of her family heritage shows in her writing and pictures on this great blog that has inspired me to work harder.
  9. Terry Snyder's blog, Desktop Genealogist Unplugged, has been a great source of inspiration and new information. I learn something each time I stop by. Her articles about her searches and discoveries help me in so many ways.
  10. Debbie Blanton who writes Blanton Family Roots and Branches may be too busy right now trying to get moved, but I couldn't leave her out. She has been an encouraging and inspirational blogger to me and I love reading her blog.

Now get busy and pass the Puckerbrush Blog Award along when you have time.


Virginia Travis said...

Judy, thank you for presenting me with the Puckerbrush Award. Personally, I don't consider myself in the same league with these other talented bloggers, but appreciate you thinking of me all the same. Wow!

Lidian said...

Thank you so much, Judy!

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